How do I submit my artwork?

All artists/designers interested in submitting their art/designs to HQ should contact us by e-mail with the following info:

- JPG images of their work
- a brief bio
- contact info

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! contact us via e-mail, as many of you have probably noticed it's basically just the two of us doing everything at HQ, so we don't have a ton of time at the store to properly look over peoples work on the spot. If you bring your samples/art down to the store without an appointment I can pretty much guarantee we will not have time to give you our full attention, which you truly deserve. Tyson barely has time to take a pee some days (he complains about this ALL the time...)

We're excited to see all the awesome stuff all y'all are working on, but e-mail is really the best way!

How do I submit my designs, books/zines, etc?

Same as the above,  or you can drop any promotional information/samples you have in the mail.

When are your opening parties?

We usually have our opening parties on the first Saturday of every month but that's not set in stone. You can sign up to be on our mailing list, check the blog for information, or check out the "events" section of our site.

How often do you get new inventory in the store?

Because independent designers make everything, there is always a steady stream of new inventory. We usually post any new items on the blog as well.

Do you work on a consignment basis or will you buy my work wholesale?

Consignment is how we do 95% of our business. Right now it's the best way for us to showcase a huge variety of different artists and designers, as well as allowing the designers we work with to have tons of creative freedom, and make amazing one-off pieces

Do you accept designers or artists from out of the city/country?

Hell yes. We have designers from all over Canada, The US, Asia and the UK.

Because everything is done by small artist/designers, do I have to pay taxes when I shop at HQ?

YES!!!! Unless you were born yesterday, you know you have to pay taxes on pretty much everything. Sorry, we hate paying taxes as much as you do but that's life I suppose. So, don't ask. It's embarrassing.

What is your return policy?

We will exchange items 1 week after purchase, unless of course the item you purchased is defective, in which case we will contact the designer and they will either fix the item or exchange the damaged one for a new one.

Can I have (designers/artists name here) contact information?

Sorry, we really cannot give out personal contact information, I'm sure you'd feel the same way if you were the designer/artist. If you want to leave your contact information with us, we will be happy to pass it along.

My art or designs have been accepted in HQ, how do I ship it?

Canada post, USPS or Purolater are all fine but please do not send it via UPS! We will not accept anything sent by UPS due to their high brokerage fees (applies to US citizens only). Also, we totally encourage you to insure your work when you send it but please insure it for the actual amount. We have had problems with people insuring $50 worth of product for $1000 and it cost us quite a bit in duty fees.