HQ’s final exhibition

Opening night:
Friday, January 14th, 2011
1649 Amherst (Metro Beri/IQAM)


To celebrate the 50 + exhibitions we’ve curated in the past 5 years, Headquarters is proud to present “BFF” (Best Friends Forever). A retrospective look at all the amazing work and incredible talent that’s been showcased on our walls.

 We’d love to see all the friends of HQ, both new and old, come out for our final exhibition before HQ closes it’s doors. Owners Tyson Bodnarchuk and Angie Johnson are moving on to new exciting projects, but would love to see you all for one last hurrah. All are welcome for an amazing night of art, music, drinks and good times!

 This may be your last chance to check out some of the incredible work by artists from around the globe, so be sure to get here early before your favourite pieces get snatched up!


Featuring work by:
Birdwatchers Of North America - Montreal/NY/Winnipeg
Garrett Van Winkle - Winnipeg
Josh Taylor - Concord, CA
Daniel Lim - New York
Sean William Dawson - Beeton, ON
Peter Thompson - Ontario
Samantha Purdy - Montreal
Pishier- Quebec City
Rupert Bottenberg - Montreal
Kristen N. Brown- Tampa, FL
Aya Kakeda - New York
Jen Storey - Montreal
James Kerr - Montreal
Fred Casia - Montreal
Laura Berger - Chicago
Lisa Marie Godfrey - Houston, TX
Benjamin Deshaies - Montreal
Olivia Jeffries - UK
Angie Mason - New Jersey
Team Macho - Toronto
Tyson Bodnarchuk - Montreal
Mimi Traillette - Montreal
Matt M. Cipov - Millwuakee
Sarah Guidon - Montreal/Denver
And a whole heck of a lot more….

Music by DJ Garry Vickers

Headquarters Galerie & Boutique has been ushering in new artistic talent since June 1st 2006.  Featuring new artist exhibitions once a month this 2 level galerie/boutique concept store aims to draw out the curious and reward the faithful.  Focusing on independent design from around the globe, the mix of art and product design meld in glorious harmony. BFF will be the final exhibit for Headquarters as they close their doors this February 1st, 2011 to pursure new and exciting projects in art and fashion.

Creature Features

"Creature Features" a group exhibit that takes advantage of the Halloween element of October but not sticking strictly to the usual formula. International and local artists showcase work based off of monsters, gruesome beasts and fantastical creatures. All are welcome for a night of art, drinks and music!

Participating artists include:
Christine Dupont
Mark Unterberger
Chris Dyer
Matt Cipov
Ian Langohr
Lisa Marie Godfrey
Laura Berger
Mimi Traillette
Katrina Kopeloff
Tyson Bodnarchuk
Regimental Oneton
Jen Storey
James Kerr
S. Arden HIll
Rupert Bottenberg
and many more!

See you there

Objects Of Affection
New illustrations and animation by Sara Guindon

Headquarters is proud to present, "Objects of Affection", a maudlin group of endearing creatures placed in knotty worlds, both spooky and familiar that will tug at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone.

Objects of Affection showcases a collection of new collaged drawings and dolls, a short cut-out animation called “Dropkin” and a collection of collaborative pieces with fashion designer Supayana (AKA Yana Gorbulsky), combining her illustrations with Yana’s designs.

Originally from Toronto, Sara has called Montreal home for almost ten years and will soon be moving to Denver, Colorado. Sara spends most of her days drawing, painting, cutting-up illustrations and putting them back together, and co-running her small arts and crafts business the Pin Pals with her stitching partner Sam. In 2008, she completed her first animation Wiggles and Giggles at the National Film Board as an intern for Hothouse 5. Sara is inspired by vintage children's books, cartoons, folk art and just about everything else.

All are welcome for an evening of art, music and magic times.

Opening reception Thursday, September 9th, 2010, 6-11 pm
Headquarters Galerie & Boutique
1649 Amherst, Montreal, QC

Places and Spaces - A photography exhibition by Tristan Breeuwer

Fellow Montreal photographer Tristan Breeuwer presents his first solo photography exhibition "Places and Spaces". The show presents various spaces and places, whether iconic Montreal architecture or unnoticed or forgotten urban landscapes, and attempts to present them in a "new light". Some of the images are more representative of how a space is imagined or remembered, rather than how it is actually seen, while others are simply marked by the unique and unusual light falling on the scene. In either case, light plays a crucial role in each photograph. "Since light is the fundamental element in photography, the challenge I enjoy is to give light "presence" within a photograph. Most of the images in the show have succeeded in capturing this "presence", making light itself their main subject..."

Tristan has a strong background in film making, having studied film production and working as director of photography on numerous independent film productions. Merging into still photography, he wanted to attempt to capture in one photograph, the mood, the characters, or the narrative that a film can offer. Yet not through typical staged narratives, nor through over-thought metaphorical representations. Eventually, through discovering and developing his own direction, he has found that his photographs, usually dark and mysterious, sometimes bright and joyful, often represent little worlds of their own...

the show runs until the end of August
opening night and vernissage : Thursday August 5th 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Press Start!

Dès le 1er juillet, vous aurez la chance de vous replonger dans l'univers de Mario Bros, Pac Man et Donkey Kong. C'est le moment de célébrer l'epoque ou Tetris nous donnait tous des sueurs froides...

Plus de 30 artistes de partout dans le monde se sont donnés comme mission de célébrer les jeux vidéos les plus populaires de notre enfance.

Venez célébrer avec nous les quatre ans de la Gallerie-Boutique Headquarters, lors du vernissage de Press Start!, le 8 juillet prochain. Pour l’occasion, le VJ/DJ Pocailler de Toy Company mixera les grands succès 8 bits du passé.

Press Start! à la Gallerie-Boutique Headquarters jusqu'au 31 juillet.
On vous attend, personne est encore Game Over!


Press Start!

Starting July 1st you will have the chance to enjoy once again the world of Mario Bros, Pac Man and Donkey Kong. It is time to celebrate the wonder years when Tetris was giving us headaches.

More than 30 artists from around the world revisited the most popular video games from our childhood.

Headquarters Galerie & Boutique celebrates its 4th year anniversary this year and on July 8th, we invite you to celebrate with us the launch of Press Start!. For the occasion, Toy Company's VJ/DJ Pocaille will mix the most famous 8 bits sounds from the past.

Press Start! at Headquarters Galerie & Boutique until July 31st.
We are expecting you, nobody’s Game Over yet!

Scott Campbell (États-Unis)
Nate Meltzer (États-Unis)
Lou Pimentel (États-Unis)
Tweedlebop (Angleterre)
Jim Plukart (Colombie)
mr. Schuster (Allemagne)
Sneaky Raccoon (Angleterre)
Po (Argentine)
Acet1 (France)
Bunka (France)
Sandra (France)
Dust (France)
Barbara Canepa (France)
Supacat (France)
Koa (France)
Frank Mysteryo (Mexico)
Chauskoskis (Mexico)
Meton (brésil)
Avive (Québec)
Jonathan Bergeron (Montréal)
Zombie Corp. (Montréal)
Frank Lam (Montréal)
Osmoze (Montréal)
Mélanie Baillairgé (Montréal)
Garrett Van Winkle (Montréal)
Fred Caron (Montréal)
Fred Casia (Montréal)
Scott Harber (Montréal)
Mimi Trailette (Montréal)
Josh Taylor (Montréal)
Toby Cayouette (Montréal)
Scott Ferry (Montréal)
Laura Berger (Montréal)
Rupert Bottenberg (Montréal)
Tyson Bodnarchuk (Montréal)
Lauren (Montréal)
Arno (Montréal)
Nima (Montréal)
Lénia mc farland (Montréal)
JF Groulx (Montréal)
Astro (Montréal)
Yanick Blanchet (Montréal)
Christine Daigle (Montréal)

We're doing it again! Smart Design mart and HQ are teaming up to bring everyone "Vintage Mart" a two day vintage sale featuring a mother-load of vintage dresses, bags, shoes, boots, bathing suits, jewelry and tees, polo's and wovens for the guys!

All are welcome to come join us for a drink and to shop through the huge selection of vintage treats. And remember, all vintage items are cash only!

Sale hours:

June 18th from 6 until 9 pm
June 19th from 11 until 6 pm

And for those of you who want to check out the installation by the En Masse collective, the show will be up for the entire month of June!

Finally! The En Masse crew will be bringing thier amazing work to the HQ Gallery this May with the "Dice Show". For those of you unfamiliar with the EM Crew's work, here's the general idea. A group of guys and girls meet up and begin working on large scale, black and white, collaborative pieces all using the same medium. This gives each completed work the signature EM look.

The Dice show will be a unique experience for the viewer and the participants as the show will literally evolve and shift throughout the month. The main piece consist of forty-five 2' x 2' panels mounted on the wall. There will be 3  sessions throughout May (the 6th. 13th & 20th). At the end of each session, dice will be rolled and the results dictate the placement of the panels, mixing up the the work and morphing the overall piece into something new each week.

The final results of the piece can be seen on May 28th here at HQ at the Dice Show finishing party.

Smart Design Mart presents:

Vintage Mart

The organizers from SDM are proud to bring to the masses, Vintage Mart. A two-day vintage sale hosted at Headquarters Galerie & Boutique on Friday, April 16th and Saturday, April 17th.

Come join us and peruse through a selection of vintage dresses, shoes, tees and polo shirts (for the guys), jewelry, bags and accessories.

All items in the vintage sale are cash only and tax-free!

Burned Toast
A toast to toast

Opening night
Thursday, April 1, 2010
Headquarters Galerie & Boutique
1649 Amherst

Come and celebrate the opening of a one of a kind exhibit that celebrates the toaster. As important as a coffee maker, the toaster is often the second appliance to start work early in the morning.

It is here rethought, redesigned or completely transformed by many artists from different backgrounds but all familiar with our trusted toaster. Join us for a night of art, drinks, music and fun.

Participating artists:

Caroline Blais
Claudia Mannigel
Tyson Bodnarchuk
Mike Giles
Mélanie Baillairgé
Jean-François Groulx
Fred D.
Lénia mc Farland
Dale Hayward
Yanick Blanchet aka Frenchie
And more…

Girls Of A Feather
Opens Friday, March 5, 2010
7-11 pm

"Girls Of A Feather" brings together two talented artists working in different mediums for an amazing exhibit. New pieces by Montreal designer Angie Johnson of Norwegian Wood and gorgeous new artwork influenced by said designs by local artist Paule Trudel Bellmare.

All are welcome for a night of art, fashion, drinks and shopping! Bring everyone you know!

It's Probably Worth More Than That 4

Friday, December 4th marks Headquarters fourth annual $100 or less art exhibit. Featuring accessible work from over 40 artists from around the globe. This is always a popular show, so make sure you get here early!

On The Road Again:

Animals In The City


Opening reception:

Friday, November 6, 2009

6-11 pm


1649 Amherst

Music by DJ Garry Vickers



       Headquarters is pleased to present a new solo exhibition by Canadian artist, Kate Puxley.  On the Road Again: Animals in the City is a requiem for the natural world, exploring the role of the animal as myth, companion, jester, and trophy.  Confrontations with human hubris are provoked through fore-grounding animals in states of vulnerability, passion, sexual copulation and death.  Animalistic impulses are juxtaposed and re-aligned with humanity, challenging human notions of 'separateness' from other creatures on earth. The struggle between life and death is used to question and re-invigorate the serene domestic role animals play in urban environments. Through examining the shades between beauty and traditional notions of 'ugliness', the cloying mythical image of 'the wild' and its self-contained trophy forms, are engaged and challenged.


Using masonite cutouts of animal forms - literally framed alongside humans or tokens of the human world – further seeks to highlight this incongruity and play upon notions of animalism.


This work seeks to challenge viewers’ sense of their own humanity. By confronting tendencies of animalistic expression, viewers may more comfortably align themselves with the world and its creatures within.


Kate Puxley was born in Edmonton, Alberta and has since lived in Toronto, Ottawa, Italy, and Montreal.  She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in 2005, was one of five Canadian artists short-listed to illustrate The Life of Pi by Yann Martel, and recently was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award for Art Threat Magazine’s Framing Harper Competition.  Her work hangs at The Brookstreet Hotel  (Kanata, ON), and at The Ironworks (Almonte, ON).  She enjoys melting chocolate on her tongue, collecting dead insects, and painting in the dark. 



La Chatte Bottee
Vintage shoe sale

The girls from La Chatte Bottee are having another huge sale here at HQ. All are invited Friday, September 25 from 6pm until 9pm. Come for a free cocktail and to check out hundreds of vintage boots and shoes. Cash only.

Wild Things
Let the rumpus begin!

Headquarters is proud to present, "Wild Things" a group exhibition which celebrates Maurice Sendak's classic children's masterpiece "Where The Wild Things Are". Featuring interpretations of Sendak's most loved story by local and international artists.

Participating artists include:
Aaron McConomy

Jason Botkin
Garrett Van Winkle
Neil Doshi
Fred Caron
Tyson Bodnarchuk
Laura Berger
Scott Ferry
Mimi Traillette
Mike Giles
Marc Simard
Benjamin Deshaies
Rupert Bottenberg
Melanie Garcia
Bruno Georget

Chris Tucker
Aimee Van Drimmelen

Samantha Purdy
Jonathan Reid Sevigny
Jen Storey
Alexei Vella
Melissa Contreras

+ many more...
Music by DJ Garry Vickers

“Wild Things”

Opening reception Saturday, October 10th, 2009, 6-11 pm
Headquarters Galerie & Boutique
1649 Amherst, Montreal, QC
Exhibit runs until October 31st, 2009

Headquarters Galerie & Boutique has been ushering in new artistic talent since June 1st 2006. Featuring new artist exhibitions once a month this 2 level galerie/boutique concept store aims to draw out the curious and reward the faithful. New clothing, accessories and home-ware designers are added to the store roster often, and the contents of the store are constantly changing. Focusing on indie designers from around the globe, the mix of art and product design meld in glorious harmony.